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Quickblog: No, I didn't work on FlOwer.

Have you played FlOwer? I haven't, because I don't have a PS3, but that hasn't stopped people from asking me about the game. See, as it turns out, a member of the team that developed the game, specifically, the 3D artist, has a name that's very familiar to me. Familiar because it's mine.

Third from the bottom.

This was first pointed out to me very shortly after the game came out by our own Reverend Anthony, who sent me a message on Steam inquiring if it was me that he saw in the credits for the game. Initially I was very perplexed by his question. Then I looked up thatgamecompany's website and found the above. You can imagine my amusement. What's really funny to me is that Mr. Haas and I apparently have a great deal in common, he's just much further along. I'm currently in college, studying art and computer science. After school, I could easily get into something like 3D modeling, and if I did, a job at a place like thatgamecompany would rank very highly on my list of absolute dream jobs. Maybe this guy is me from the future.
Anyway, after Anthony asked me, I laughed about it and then promptly forgot the whole thing. That is, until today, when another friend of mine, who apparently just finished playing FlOwer, asked me the same question. So just in case any of you are spurred on by kauza's article to play the game, the answer is no, I didn't work on the game. But lord do I wish I did.
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