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Who's Sexy: Lots of pretty boys edition

Upon reading Elsa's blog about what male videogame characters she finds sexy, I decided to do my own little list about the same subject but I will warn you it mainly consists of pretty boys. Funny enough Cloud will not be appearing on this list a little to pretty and way emo for my taste. Now onto the men!

Rock Howard, oh boy do I love me some Rock Howard. The one thing I like about him is, even though he goes around beating the crap out of men and women he still has this innonnce about him.

Akihiko Sanada, Still might be a pretty boy but he's a pretty boy that can box!

Auron, I think all has been said about Auron.

Chris Redfield, going to copy off Elsa on this one. Chris is damn sexy but his biceps are as big as my waist.

K' He's got the whole dark brooding attutide, just bites he's basically a clone of Kyo and Iori.

Told you guys it was going to be full of pretty boys my one weakness but like I said Cloud is a little to pretty for me. The one thing I would like to see in male characters is more normal type guys like Nathan Drake and Chris Redfield, you know just avergae guys, good looking, no massive wads of meat and just enough maniless that seems normal.
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