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Owning a PSP: Gone and Back Again

A few years ago, after reading a Destructoid article about Castlevania Chronicles for the PSP, I bought a PSP 2000 series. I enjoyed the games on the system, was let down a bit by Crisis Core (despite enjoying its Parasite Eve combat), and ultimately, frustrated at the drought of PSX Classics and original software, traded the system in for store credit.

Last weekend, while waiting to hitch a ride with friends to PAX 09, I bought the PSP Final Fantasy: Dissidia bundle. The weeabo lure of Kefka beating the shit out of Tidus was too great to ignore. Playing it makes me wonder why I traded in the PSP in the first place. I find the software library, while sometimes sparse, more interesting than the DS. Holding a PSP in my hands is much more comfortable than the DS, causing them to cramp less.

Anyone else ever sell a system and then repurchase it, experiencing buyer's remorse?
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