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09/09/09! Happy Cirno Day!

What's the most important event on the strongest day of the year, September 9th, 2009?
Well, that's easily Cirno day.
A idiotic character from the Touhou series, her popularity has been increasing as of late.

Cirno's Pefect Math class

Cited from Touhou Wiki:
* Cirno is known for her childishness (read: stupidity), so the term "Cirno" is often used instead of "baka"(バカ, fool) as a pun in the Japanese Touhou community. Apparently, even ZUN himself wasn't an exception; in the manual for Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she is labeled as "9. Moron" in an explanation of the game screen's layout...

* Due to the infamous manual screenshot, Cirno has been nicknamed "Nine-ball" or simply "⑨".

* The date "09-09-09" (Wednesday September 9 2009 09:09:09 more specifically) has been named "Cirno day" for obvious reasons. This day everything (for some reason) could be translated into nine. For example: September 9 is the 252th day of the year 2 + 5 + 2 = 9, you need 9 letters to type Wednesday and September and Japan's timezone is +9. Other names for this day include "The strongest day" and "⑨ day".

Chirumiru PV

Despite dying from Swine Flu, I managed to do a Cirno Drawing in about 30 minutes. Speeded up for your convience. Enjoy.

Cirno in Flash

Many of you wanted to known for awhile how I draw in Flash with a mouse anyway:
Well, it's through a method I call dragging subtraction. I draw lines larger than I need to and with CTRL, I make them the perfect size. Setting the smoothing on your PaintBrush to 100 is recommended as well. I don't use the line tool at all. I recommend drawing out and scanning your original work with pen/pencil first though. Didn't have the time to pre plan this one.

As you can see online, many others are celebrating as well
Cirno Cake
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