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I have the PAX Flu: It's like making that phonecall

While at PAX, I was completely fine and even on Monday, I had no problems whatsoever.
However, yesterday, I started getting dizzy and having a uncontrollable runny nose. This morning, I woke up with a severe headache and my core temperature has shifted.

As Kotaku has reiterated (and if you want to see folks act like jerks, check the comments, obviously, more people could care less about bad things until it happens to them), officials at PAX have confirmed a case of Swine Flu, and as to be expected, many people, including other D-Toiders have gotten sick.

I'm going into the doctors tommorow if things get worse, what sucks for me is that I have finals next week and this is the last thing I needed. But anyway, I highly recommend getting yourself checked out and staying away from work/school or other people in general.

No need to panic either, swine flu is contagious, dangerous, and a pain to deal with, but if you're taking precautions or treatments, it usually shouldn't affect you with more symptoms than a normal flu.

Here's some basic information:

And now for something far more uplifting:

Also, generic consensus, I'm curious who else from Destructoid or PAX 09 in general got sick in some way or another.
I'll be uploading those pictures I drew at PAX later, I wish you all a good day.
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