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Another PSX Classic: Vagrant Story

Apparently trying to obtain screens from my original, black-box copy of Parasite Eve is a fool's game and my playthrough is stalled until I can obtain a copy of...a different pedigree. I find it kind of strange that while I've done more to promote Parasite Eve than SE has for the past decade (which isn't the arrogant statement that it might sound like, considering the fact that they've done absolutely nothing), I could conceivably get in trouble for possessing a not-downloaded copy of it, which I'm essentially just using as a tool to continue promoting it. I don't mean to make a big deal out of this (especially because I would NEVER, EVER, download anything!), this is just the kind of thing I remember whenever anyone tries to convince me that copyright law as it currently stands isn't basically archaic.

However, would you like to know what game mysteriously screencaps beautifully?

That's right, Vagrant Story: The game where a giant dragon crashes through the stained-glass ceiling of a cathedral and starts breathing fire on you not ten minutes into the game, and you're still not through the (entirely skippable) introduction. Whether they were obscenely ambitious or just terribly confused, this was a game where the creators must have sat down one day and said "Why don't we have the final boss fight during the opening credits, and just let everything get more epic from there?" I think the design document was actually a teal Post-it note with doodle of Ashley Riot and the words "Kick some FUCKING ass!" written on it. In a good way.

When not busy singing "Mmm-Bop!", Sydney is an interesting character.

Vagrant Story is also a very useful as a standard of reference. It's become popular in recent years to insult the graphical quality of the PSX, since early-3D graphics have not aged as well as their 2D predecessors. In actuality, some of the better looking games on the PSX compensated for the relatively low power of the console with superlative artwork and exceptional overall design, not to mention that the level of abstraction that blurry, pixellated graphics could bestow could sometimes work in the games' favor rather than against it; VS for example has an illustrative quality to it that I find far more appealing than your typical hyper-real 3D game. You could try to argue that even if the painterly style that the graphical limitations led to was sometimes beautiful, it was still a failure to create something else-- realistic 3D graphics.

Wanna know something else that was a failed attempt to make something different? Penicillin. I think that turned out pretty well.

This really pissed-off Wyrm is the second encounter in VS; there are so many dragons in VS, some of them are relegated to redshirt-status.

Naturally, whenever anybody says "the Playstation had crappy graphics!", it begs the question "Uh, did you play Vagrant Story?", at which point the first person either has to concede "Damn, good point", or confess that they've never played VS, in which case they are an ignorant, worthless human being and no one cares about their opinion anyway. I might be exaggerating a tad, but you get the idea.

I'm not going to go into VS with the same level of detail that I go into Parasite Eve because, despite the fact that VS is the superior game, PE has more personal resonance to me. They are sister-games, in a way; VS obviously built on some of the mechanics that Square used a few years earlier in PE, and they're both among a small group of good games that Square produced during the era that weren't called Final Fantasy. They're opposites, in a way: PE was a game with a lot of brilliantly innovative ideas that was sometimes let down by its execution. Vagrant Story is a game that doesn't sound terribly original when you try to explain it (a game in a medieval setting with swords and spells and dragons? You don't say!), but every aspect of the game is imbued with so much depth and handled with so much finesse that originality seems to be almost beside the point. I've played a lot of games and read a lot of fantasy novels that predated VS, but in many respects, VS succeeds in being what those other experiences attempted to be and failed.

Current-gen graphics can go to hell, frankly. Or as Ashley would say, "To hell with thee!"

And speaking of "experiences", another reason why VS is so relevant right now is that it proves that you don't have to make a choice between gameplay and artistic merit. It succeeds as a cohesive experience in a way that few games do, and yet it's a blast to play. The level of difficulty and micro-managing involved renders it unsuitable for many gamers, however those that like it, REALLY like it. In ten years, I have yet to encounter anyone who's lukewarm about Vagrant Story; either you love it, or you don't want to play it. There is little in-between.

I love these "Another day at the office" moments.

I could go on about the nigh-seamless integration between story and gameplay, the allure of discovering little tidbits about the game's largely implied backstory, the fact that the game retains a truly medieval feel despite the fact that it takes place in a very different world then your typical medieval setting, the epic soundtrack by Sakimoto (sorry for the repetition, but sometimes "epic" is the only word you want to use in regard to this game), the fact that Square apparently hired actual WRITERS to write the dialogue instead of writing it at 3AM the night before the game was supposed to go gold, etc.
However, I should probably just leave it at that and save more gushing praise of VS for another time: You wouldn't want to
have to handle TOO MUCH EPIC at once, would you?
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