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Your Squad is your Weapon: An Elite Force

Nothing gets you immersed in games more than being in a squad in the heat of battle. These teams get you through the most deadly of situations. These are the best of the best. I will have a look at the best squads in the coming weeks and finally have a Poll to decide the ultimate Squad. Today we'll have a look at:

The Hazard Team from Elite Force 2

Left to Right: Chell, Korban, Telsia, Munroe, Jurot, Chang and Gonzales

About The Hazard Team:
As part of a special unit aboard the USS Voyager, the Hazard Team is designed protect the ship from hostile encounters. Eventually picked up by Captain Picard, The Hazard Team deals with missions too dangerous for regular security personnel.

There are quite a few members, but only 3-4 go on any given mission.
*Lieutenant Alexander Munro
*Ensign Telsia Murphy
*Ensign Chell
*Ensign Austin Chang
*Ensign Juliet Jurot

*Ensign Korban
*Lieutenant Gonzalez

Moment of Awesome:
Setting Phasers to kill and blowing up the Borg sphere which captured Voyager in the first Level.

Why I think they are Badass:
They aren't called the Hazard Team for nothing. Easily dispatching the Borg and even more nasties from outer space, they don't give the enemy a chance. Plus, they don't even need their whole team, as long as they are grouped in pairs or more, you can count on them getting the job done.

How are they on the Hardest Difficulty Level?
They don't get stuck in walls... how's that? Okay, okay; So you basically have to do all the work, they can kill the odd enemy or two, but it is a lot harder without them. They don't go and get themselves killed, but then again... In the first Elite force, they could die, or get injured and have to be beamed back, depending on the mission, but here in the sequel, they are slightly better.

These guys are great, you can just feel part of the team, when they get broken up, it just hurts inside. They are all colourful, each with very distinct personalities, especially Chell and it doesn't matter who you get stuck with, because they're all great.

Team Rating: 82%
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