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Uncharted 2 gameplay: Drakes on a Train edition

I'll admit that I felt the first Uncharted was overrated. Heresy, I know, but despite its breathtaking visuals, unbelievable audio, epic platforming, and two of the greatest video game characters ever in Nathan and Elena, I felt that the game had several weak points. I found there was too much emphasis on the sloppy gunplay (needs to be 70:30 adventure:shooter ratio), and the *twist* was a total boner-killer.

That said, the new PAX trailer of Uncharted 2 does get me excited. Not only is the game looking to be perhaps the best-looking console game ever, but I have faith that Naughty Dog tightened the gameplay (the grenades look to be quick-mapped), and I'm hopeful that some of my personal dislikes of the game will have been altered to the point of where I'll tolerate them.

Do want.
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