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Shadow Complex: Orson Scott Card (Boycott)

Orson Scott Card didn't write "Shadow Complex". Peter David (who worked for Marvel Comics), did. However, Orson Scott Card is most diffenitly taking the credit. The game story is based around Card's Book called "Empire". But all the events from the game are taking place BEFORE Card's story even begins. Orson Scott Card has added NOTHING towards the development of this game.


However, that doesn't mean the Orson Scott Card isn't receiving a royalty check, because he probably is. "Chair Games", used his Main Character's name and the background plot of American Nazi or whatevers trying to start a New Civil War with in the United States. The part about the 2 hikers getting lost and accidently stumbling into this mess, the day of the Ameri-Nazi's were going to attack -- that was Star Trek writer Peter David. And that's the story that they actually used for the game.

As for Orson Scott Card's personal view points. Which he, himself, should be ashamed of but I know he's not. We can't control what he thinks. But what we can control, is what he does. And he has NO RIGHT mouthing off and telling others how they should live. As long as a person is NOT committing crimes, or causes bodily harm to another. It really is NON OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Unless of course -- it really IS your business... and that's part of the problem. Mmmmm... Maybe? Most people, who have problem with Gays or Gay Rights, don't ever carry things this far, and toward such an extreme view. So then I have to so and wonder, that he maybe "Protesting a little TOO much", and may in fact be hiding or covering up some what. Mmmmm.... Maybe? Well, I seen Orson Scott Card's Behind the scenes interview, and all I have to say is, "You sir may need a flash light to find your way to the front of the closet door, because the only one who is fooled by your behavior is YOU".

It says in the United States Constitution, that we ALL have the RIGHT to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". No where in there does it say, "you have the right to be act like complete douche-bag, and purposely hold back others, because YOU DON'T agree with them". If you are a United States Citizen, then you have the RIGHT to live as you chose. That is YOUR RIGHT as a Law abiding TAX PAYER. It really is as simple as that.
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