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a little pat in the back (design edition)

GameCareerGuide.com has this bi-weekly game design challenge where people from (supposedly) all walks of life can send in their game design idea, then several of those sent in will be featured. It's a good way for us 'robot' designers to stretch our legs a bit (unless I'm a rich independent game developer, which I'm not) and not be concerned of the project timeline, budget, manpower, whatever. This, I think, is design at its purest--but necessarily best--form: an idea without boundaries.

WTF, what am I talking about? This isn't supposed to be a lecture; I'm in Dtoid blog for crissakes! :-)

Anyway, the real point of this post is because my game design entry was included in the Top 3 (hehe!). Click here for the article's front page, and here for my design.

Another fun part in pitching ideas is that I can draw the concept art myself. That's usually my method of developing a game design idea: write an outline of the design, draw a couple of artworks, derive new design ideas from the art (that always happens), start writing the pitch.

Of course, +10 if your concept got included. +100 if the pitch becomes reality.

[EDIT] To cblog recaps, this is NOT an indie game. It's a game concept, nothing more. ;-)

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