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What were your favorite Colossi?

*Semi-spoilers* (if you haven't played SotC and don't want to have any of the colossi ruined for you, stop right here). However, I'm not going to give away any plot details.

I figured I'd touch on something positive since my first blog post was negatively skewed. Although I must say, all the comments seem very thoughtful and encouraging of genuine debate as opposed to the mindless trolling I've encountered on other sites. Well done, Destructoid! I like that I've found a place that fosters actual conversation as opposed to pointless flaming.

Anyway, I'm very very late to the game, but I got Shadow of the Colossus from Goozex and just finished it a few days ago. Back in the day I only had a gamecube, and this was the one game that made me extremely jealous of PS2 owners. When I bought my PS3, this game served as my main justifications for ludicrous price (I bought the MGS4 bundle on amazon that was still backwards compatible). I can now say with complete confidence that Shadow alone made the $500+ system purchase worth the price of admission.

Stunning. Absolute brilliance. I thought the days were long past that I could be so blown away by a game. If you haven't yet checked it out, do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately.

I'm not going to review the game as it's pretty clear where I stand. Instead I'd rather ask my fellow Dtoiders what your favorite colossi were, as it seems the overall experience is different for everyone.

As for me, my favorites began right here:

Foreboding much?

You're already ill at ease as you approach this ruined pseudo lake Hylia. At this point you must dismount Agro, swim all the way across to the sunken ramp and run up the winding path. After leaping across the gap to the giant circular platform that is your destination, you're met with this delightful fellow:

Won't end in polite discussion of differences

Towering. Ominous. With a stone sword the size of a bus. There is a solemn beauty to this forgotten rock soldier. You sense his melancholy, and it saddens you. He merely wishes to defend his long-abandoned throne tower (although you get the feeling he's glad of your company). Your mind entertains notions of befriending this slate gray behemoth. Running away with him and watching The Iron Giant together.

But to hell with all that. Motherfucker gotta get stabbed.

You're cool looking and all, but unfortunately Wander has to shiv a bitch.

I really didn't think they could get much better than #3. And admittedly, there are a couple somewhat throwaway colossi in the mix. After destroying ten more gorgeously rendered monstrosities, I had to travel to the desert to meet 'thy next foe': #13. And hot Christ, the term 'foe' is just a slight understatement::

There aren't many other colossi that match the mind-boggling scale of this mega-normous sand snake thing. It became clear to me early on that you had to mount him via his wings which were conveniently ridged for just such a purpose. The actual act of doing this, however, was unbelievably awesome. Pegging him in his vital white underbellies with a couple well placed arrows causes Mr. Grumpy here to lower and dig his wings into the sand. At which point I had to race to catch up to him, weave under his giant wings to get a better vantage and leap from my horse onto him.

No quick time events. No cutscenes. This all happens in real time and you are in full control. I demand more of this. There have been rants about QTE's taking control away from the player (that I wholeheartedly agree with) and Shadow of the Colossus will forever serve as a case study of how NOT to do so. If you screw up jumping onto #13's wing, it's because YOU screwed up. Not cause you pushed X instead of O.

The climax to Return of the King in boss fight form

So this blog turned out way longer than I had anticipated, a clear reminder of my inability to shut up about this phenomenal game. But I pose the question now to you: which colossi were your favorites? Why?
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