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Final Fantasy: Dissidia and the quest that has spawned from it; may Cosmos help my soul


Oh, man. Final Fantasy: Dissidia marks the first time that I've fallen in love with a game in years. This is no small feat, I assure you. It's not just the over the top action, the beautiful graphics, or the wonderful soundtrack mind you. The gameplay featured within has a soul. That soul isn't particularly deep in terms of story, something the Final Fantasy series is famous for, instead putting more emphasis on the action. Heart-pumping, on the edge of your seat action.

I first played Final Fantasy: Dissidia back in January of this year. A good friend of mine owned a modded PSP and he used his piratey skills to acquire the Japanese copy of the game so we could enjoy it together on New Years. I caught him in the middle of Squall's Destiny Odyssey, and though I initially lamented having to play as one of my least favorite characters in the series (an opinion that has since changed, within minutes of actually playing, I no longer cared.

When the developers first revealed Final Fantasy: Dissidia, hailing it as gamings answer to fast-paced FMV combat, I scoffed. Sure, you can claim to have battles that look and feel like the epic scenes shown in Advent Children, but claims are very rarely backed up, especially when they're coming from a major studio like Square Enix. I figured the combat would end up being a more in-depth version of Kingdom hearts. Thank to Christ that I was wrong.

In Dissidia, you choose from one of twenty two characters. Each represents a major hero or villain from a numbered Final Fantasy, with two bonus characters included to help round off the cast. No two characters feel alike and your style of play will change completely from one character to the next. Top that off with a complex level-up system, customizable moves, equipment, accessories, and summons, and you've got yourself a package with near limitless replayability.

They weren't kidding around when they said the fighting would resemble Advent Children. Each fight is incredibly fast-paced, only broken up by the occasional game of cat and mouse against a high level opponent. You're given the ability to fly through the stage at the offset, putting you neck and neck with your foe, no matter where they've positioned themselves. Though it initially looks complicated and hard to acclimate to, you'll soon find that most combat scenarios can be boiled down to three things. Timing, priority, and reflexes. It's essentially a 2D fighter disguised as a 3D arena fighter, minus the complexity of the formers combo systems, and including the random element that the summon system adds to the formula.

It's awesome.

Honestly, there isn't much more to say. If you don't want to buy it for the fan service, buy it for the exceptional gameplay. Since the main point of this blog is inform you of the massive undertaking that Dissidia has spurred me into, I'll cut my fap session short and get into it. I am going to play through Final Fantasy I-X, starting with I, in its original incarnation, and obtain every secret while doing so. This will include super bosses, ultimate weapons, and other things. I may have gone insane. Still, I hope that you, the Destructoid community, will support me in my endeavors. I have plans to throw up one blog as I complete each game, detailing my impressions on the experience.

To those of you who are waiting on the next Pokemon Adventure update, it's coming. Soon.
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