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Survival Guide: Spelunky


World 4 -Temple

This place is hard. If you get darkness here, you're pretty fucked, because they're fucking cruel. At least the arrow traps light your way as does the lava. Did I mention the lava? The lava pits are filled with lava. The mummy has tons of life but drop the best weapon of the game, the same thing the alien shoots you with. Oh yeah, the mummy is not limit one per game, there could be one per level. The super-cavemen jump around and throw you like shopkeepers. The spike brick will move towards you and kill you. And don't get greedy if you see a damsel and an idol above the pit. Take the damsel and get out, if you get the idol you will most likely die. In lava. Fall into the lava, and die in it. I believe the trigger is if you take the idol.

Well, I hope this helped a little, it was hard thinking of what to say and harder to think of what not to say. I'm sure a lot of this can be edited and formatted better so if you have any tips, suggestions, questions, comments, monkeys, feel free to throw that monkey into that pit of spikes. And post below.
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