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Spartan Laser, I Was Wrong About You.

I played Halo 2 online from October 2004 'til November 2007. I played approximately 5600 matches in that span, and tended to enjoy each and every one. Win or lose, I find it thoroughly fascinating and its appeal never seems to wear thin.

I am a Halo fanatic... I will always be one. At age 65 I fully expect to still be playing it.

Halo 3 brought the usual weapons, along with something new we'd never encountered before. Behold, the Spartan Laser. I remember stumbling upon it the first night I jumped into the multiplayer mode way back when, in the level named Snowbound. I picked the thing up 'cuz from afar it looked a lot a rocket launcher, and I was already envisioning explosions and dead bodies flying through the air. My pulse doubled, regardless of whether rockets came out of it or not.

I had no idea what to expect the first time I fired this thing. The 3 seconds it takes to charge turned me off initially. I remember thinking that leaves a whole lot of time to get cut down to size by an enemy before even being afforded the chance to unleash whatever this weapon had inside it. I'm certain I missed at least my first four or five targets. We can assume I killed not a single foe the first time I strolled around with a Spartan Laser on my shoulder.

And I'm fairly certain I swore the thing off for a while, retreating back to the safety and familiarity of a battle rifle.

It's amazing what a little practice can achieve. Once your timing is down and you realize the weapons range and limitations, the weapon becomes one of the most devastating things in your arsenal. Decimate vehicles, on the ground and in the air. Snipe single soldiers... or even a group of them in one shot. When the weapon fires, you know it, your foes know it, and the American people know it. It echoes. And it strikes fear into the hearts of men (or kids) playing.

*Red laser = red smoke... Nice attention to detail*

Just thought I'd share this story and one of my favorite screenshots, and take a moment to thank Bungie for their continued creativity in placing destructive weapons in my hands.

Never judge a gun by its cover.
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