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Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor?

With it's recent price-cut, Killing Floor is quite literally making a killing.....

ok, so no more puns. Killing Floor was released at the start of the year, and despite being in the shadow of Left 4 Dead, it's still a top-quality zombie shooter. But despite the obvious similarities between L4D and KF, they're both different in critical ways. Of course zombie blasting is zombie blasting so here's how the two games compare.

The Zombies

Just like Left 4 Dead's Infected, the zombies in Killing Floor are actually bio-engineered specimens. Which still means they moan and grunt and you can waste them as much as you like. The main difference between Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor's zombies (I'm just going to call them all zombies, easier that way) is speed: Killing Floor's enemies are all shambling and slow, but some can speed up the closer they get to you. The difficulty of Killing Floor's zombies increases with each wave; from the bog standard Specimens and Boomer-like Bloats, to the irritating spider-like Stalkers, shrieking Sirens, chainsaw-wielding Scrake's and the final boss, the Patriarch. With each wave, the variety and difficulty of the zombies goes up, but it's handy having the counter at the top, which also indicates the location of the Trader too. The enemies don't have the same type of impact as the boss infefected in Left 4 Dead: in L4D, the boss infected only had a few varieties, but their special attacks all had a different effect on the group. With Killing Floor, you just have to blast the zombies as you see them, they get tougher and some have projectile attacks but their effect on the group of survivors isn't too pronounced. Still, considering you can play by yourself or with 5 other players there's always plenty of zombies to keep blasting away.

So what one is worth your money? Well to be honest, both. Considering how cheap both games are, they both offer a lot of gameplay for the buck. With the new DLC for both games coming out, we know there's going to be support for these games for a while and as long as you've got some good friends who play these game, you'll be getting a lot of mileage out of each title.
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