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A new 3D art style, I hope

One of the things that annoys me about comic book games is nobody is trying to replicate comic books unique art style. I take this back, of course, to the era before quick and dirty photoshop colors. Before digital inking. I'm talking comics before the year 2000.

But sheppy, I thought that's what Cel shading is for!

Kind of, you see MOST cel shading requires two 3D models. One, the larger of the two, is painted black or some other color, and then the normals are reversed. Then the fully colored version is placed inside. This, of course, makes the outside of the black model completely invisible while making the inside a solid. This means since this version is larger, the black outline you're seeing on cel shading is, in fact, a larger model. This essentially doubles polycounts. Or more, actually. And it still ignores the core root of not retaining the deep ink lines of comic books.

So what have I done? Simple, I layed out my UVs per usual, then printed out the UVs in a light cyan color. Then, by hand, I inking the UVs like I would a comic book. Then I scanned back in the inked UVs and added color below. This project was only a test to see the viability of the technique. This technique, however, will not show up in my current game project but possibly the one beyond. Also, keep in mind this is the first gun I EVER modeled...

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