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Dear Destructoid: We have a problem.

Now, the first thing that anyone is going to notice in this blog is the formatting. Yes, I am writing this blog in Google Chrome, and I
am doing it on purpose. Google Chrome is, as most of you may know, a web browser released by Google last September
second in the year of our Lord 2008 AD. Being touted as revolutionary with the way it handles processes and tabs, as well as a
system to decrease memory bloat, Chrome got popular pretty quickly.I personally started using it late November after Firefox
would continually take up an overly excessive amount of memory and CPU whenever I used it.

It's not like this issue is a surprise, either. People have been very vocal about issues with Destructoid (more specifically,
Elephant) and Chrome playing nice together, especially on Destructoid's uservoice community feedback page, which I think most
people forgot about, including the staff.

Here's a link to it: http://destructoid.uservoice.com/pages/10603-suggest-a-feature

Now, go to that link and scroll down. The seventh highest item, as voted by the community, is to add better support for Google
Chrome, added by Niero himself. In fact, it's even noted as planned. What you may not realize, is the fact that it's been up there
for at least seven months, and nothing has been done about it. This Wednesday, Google Chrome will have been out for a year
(stable, not beta), and there is still little to no support for it on Elephant. Despite being listed as planned, nothing has been done. I
think it's time to live up to your word (aka Full Life Consequences), and finally fix the bugs thats Elephants having with one of the
most popular browsers in use today.
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