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I Suck at Games: The Allure of the Fighter


I never got to play the original MvC2 on PS2 or Dreamcast, and when it was released for XBLA and PSN earlier this year, I wondered why. Ever since I was about seven, I've been a massive fan of the Marvel, and a few years ago I became a massive fan of Capcom. I bought the game through the PSN store a few days after it's release and couldn't wait to play my dream game, featuring every character I love ever. I hastily formed a team of my childhood heroes, Gambit, Psylocke and Megaman, and after a few hours (and easy-mode beatings) later, it dawned on me that I sucked at the game. I ran to the internet, looking at guides, tips, learning the basics of making teams, air combos and wavedashing. I was determined for this to be the game to return my love in full. I spent hours ( for which, read: minutes) in the training arena mastering my "Point", "Battery" and "Assist".

I was ready for Arcade mode again. The game kicked my ass even worse this time. I left it alone for a while. some days later, I spoke casually in IRC with resident fighting nut deBLOO. I explained my plight and that I couldn't combo worth shit. I was told that Light Kick, Light Punch, Heavy Kick, Heavy Punch (the only combo I had managed to master) was actually a decent one. With this newfound confidence I fromed a new team and set to work. Stage 5 still managed to kick my ass. On Easy mode. I just can't seem to get anywhere with this game. Maybe it's because I can't stand the way the "good" characters look, for example, Storm is wearing her awful early 90's costume and Iron Man doesn't look all that much like Iron Man. Once again, my desire for cool character design has got the better of me.

If I was any normal kind of gamer, I'd have sold all my fighting games by now. But I can't do it. They're just so fucking cool! This abusive realtionship doesn't show any sign of stopping soon, one look at the infamous Bang Shishigami of BlazBlue and I'm already saving up my pennies for the European release. But who knows? Maybe I'll actually be good this game?
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