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"Hack the Planet"

I'd tried seeking an answer to this question in the forum... only to be told I was off-topic and should be posting it somewhere else. Nevermind that I was asking the question in the "bar" section... and nevermind the fact that two posts directly below my question revolved around things like some dude brewing his own alcohol and the Maury Povich Show.

Go figure.

My question is video game related... one that was played in this movie.

Hackers. Circa 1995 (I think)... Cool movie. Decent actors (one of which is a surprisingly young Angelina Jolie). Good soundtrack. It was one of those flicks you could throw in if you worked as a cashier behind the counter of a video store and not have angry parents come up and complain about they're kids hearing or seeing it.

Happy Gilmore was not one of those movies. I found that out the hard way. You shoulda seen this one particular mom size into me. "Yeah, but they're bleeping the cuss words out, see?" That didn't change her feelings at all.

Anyway, about 20-30 minutes into the Hackers film Johnny Lee Miller's character steps up to this video game displayed on a huge screen. He's at some techno-themed club, and trying to impress Jolie's character. So he steps up to this game and promptly beats her long-standing score on it. All I can recall of the game is that you're moving an object (a ball I think?) down a track filled with obstacles and walls at a high velocity, but the graphics were sick and the game looked like it could have been really fun.

Anybody know whether the game was real? Or was it just a fictional piece to add to the tone of the movie?

It looked fun.
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