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Miscellaneous Comments and Impressions (waiting for desk mode)

I'm kind of in hurry-up-and-wait mode right now-- I've been waiting for a few days to get my new desk, because my current one was apparently made for an elementary school student. I've been stoically putting up with it, but apparently if I don't fix it, it's going to end up hurting my back, so enough of THAT nonsense. Without a proper desk I can't do much work, so I've had an excuse to play through some games for the past few days, so I can't complain too much.

I was supposed to have Day 3 of my Parasite Eve series for you to peruse by now, except my NOT-emulator is now not NOT-working, so I have to placate whatever demon is currently possessing my computer before I can get to that. People bitch "Emulation is so horrible, it's taking money out of the developers pockets", blah blah blah, well for some reason getting the PSX emulators to function smoothly is sufficiently tedious and annoying that I think someone ought to be paying ME for putting up with it...I'm not sure who, mind you. But someone.

In more positive news, I finally made a Dtoid NY event this weekend and met some Dtoiders, including Samit. I would like to say that we had a secret meeting of the Pro-Samit Alliance, but the fact of the matter is that we were in a karaoke club and it was pretty loud, so our clandestine conspiracy to bring down Destructoid under the PSA banner will have to wait for another day. Keep in mind our version of "Bringing down Destructoid" probably means replacing the Mr. Destructoid logo with Samit's head or something. World Domination starts small.

Special thanks to the awesome Power-Glove for coordinating Karaoke Night, without whom several of us probably would have ended up wandering forlornly around Penn Station for several hours. I never ended up singing-- I tried, but when I got up to the mike it was too loud for me to hear myself-- but maybe someday I'll do my version of Faye Wong's Eyes on Me (although I would have to be much drunker than I was last Friday.)

Also, since it is my firm belief that you can never be in the middle of too many Final Fantasies at once, I am currently in the middle of FF1 (GBA Dawn of Souls version), FFIV DS, FFV Advance, FFVI advance, and FFXII. Right now FFIV DS is beating the pants off of pretty much everything else (although I just played the first five or so minutes of FFVI, so it's not really a fair comparison). I've really been blown away by the story in FFIV, because after playing FFV years ago, I kind of thought that good stories didn't start appearing in the series until later installments. Usually I don't like RPGs where character customization is limited, but FFIV seems to have JUST ENOUGH character customization that it pleases my inner control freak. Between Augments and just general play style, I know that my Rydia is different from other people's Rydia's, and that's all I ask for really. I know that 3D graphics on the DS are controversial, but personally I dig the style; it could be bad if they tried to make the graphics do too much and ran afoul of the limitations of the DS, but I think the relative simplicity of the graphics makes it work.

I'm not too keen on Rosa's bikini though; don't they frown on that sort of thing at the White Mage Academy? And if she wants to wear a skimpy outfit, then why accessorize with a CAPE? Somehow Rydia manages to pull off a similar look while looking awesome rather than silly.

Oh, and one more thing before I end this really strange, multi-topic blog entry: They say that FF: Dissidia stars the heroes and villains of the previous Final Fantasies: This is a LIE. Dissidia stars a group of doppelgangers who closely resemble the heroes and villains of Final Fantasy, but are much, much stupider. That's the only explanation I can come up with for this incarnation of Squall, at any rate.
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