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Pixelated Creations - Inventory Sale & New Stock


So I finally got around to posting some new stuff in my store this week as well as putting some of the old stock on sale.

I've reduced the prices on 8 different items in the store from a Tiny Toons set to a bunch of keychains. Everything on sale is already pre-made and ready to ship. That's why its on sale, cause I need to move the leftover stock. Nothing is over $8 and all items are marked with SALE in the title.

All the new stuff I've posted is pretty cool too. I've got a Pokemon bag tag listing, a new Donkey Kong picture frame, a Legend of Zelda magnet set, Final Fantasy bag tags and a Dig Dug magnet set. Check out my store at Pixelated Creations

I've also gotten into jewelery making recently but those pieces are not for sale yet. I'm still perfecting my techniques, but here's a few pieces I've made so far.

Pac Man Neckalce

Pac Man Earrings

Mushroom Necklace

Mickey Mouse Necklace

As usual, comments and suggestions on the new stuff is always welcome. I love to hear what is a good and what needs work.
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