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My Top 5 Favorite Sidekicks. Love or Hate them.

They help you out, without them, you wouldn't be able to save the world, heck, you would probably be stuck in a ditch somewhere: The faithful Sidekicks. Now I'm not talking about the average companions, plenty of games have a cast of usable characters (RPG's for example),but I'm talking about games with just the one person who helps the Protagonist through the game. Unfortunately not all AI is great, so I'm going to put aside the AI for this and instead judge them on character.Here are my Personal Favorites:

5. Elika from Prince of Persia

Let's face it, without Elika, this game would be impossible. She pretty much makes the Prince invincible, but that's fine by me. When you meet a woman who saves your butt time and time again, you know you have a good relationship... I think. Anyway, she's sassy, takes no shit and is willing to put her life on the line to save the world. She isn't that popular in the sidekick rounds, but I still think she's great.

4. Double H from Beyond Good & Evil

Just point to an object or wall and this guy will tackle it head first. I'd make a joke about him ramming his head into everything, but he's just too dedicated. He saves Jade numerous times and helps her on her mission; even when he is infected with a virus, he jumps off his bed and catches up to jade. WWTAO! (We work together as one, Miss Jade).
Sometimes wrongly shadowed by Pey'j and forgotten about, this guy deserves to be remembered, heck, he's with you the majority of the game!

3. Sheva from Resident Evil 5.

SHEVA!... CHRIIIIIIIS! Okay, I'll admit, Sheva isn't perfect, but she is a bit like Double H, she's dedicated. She had a chance to cut and run, but she stuck with Chris "We're Partners! To the end!". She also stabs Wesker in the arm and lived to tell the tale. Although it may be just the game mechanics; I still don't think Chris would have survived his latest BSAA mission without her. It's a shame that a lot of people are jaded about her because of the AI. I luckily played the game with a pal beside me.

2. Alyx Vance from Half Life 2 & Episodes.

What's that? You thought she would be number one? HAHAHA!
Sorry. Anyway, yeah Alyx is good, she helps out, she voices things which Gordan can't. she's realistic, she's great and all, but she isn't the best. Not on my list. I'd go as far as to say that she is really boring in Half-Life 2 "Oh look a generic female sidekick". Luckily there is actual character progression in the episodes where we see what Alyx is really about. 2nd place is nothing to be ashamed of.

1. Crow from The Longest Journey & Dreamfall.

"You do the talking and the running and the saving the world. If a helpful hint or you know an inappropriate joke is needed BAM! I'm right there."

One of the most colourful and fantastic side-characters ever. Crow Does indeed help save a few worlds in his own way. I'll tell you something too. Crow is one of the main reasons I played TLJ all the way through. I was close to giving up on a few puzzles, but Crow appeared when I needed him most. Crow and April Ryan are a formidable team, I'll tell you that: although, when April loses faith, Crow doesn't; he goes to help Zoe, bless him. Crow is also brilliantly Honest, he doesn't sugarcoat anything. It is really quite difficult to put my admiration for this character into words. He's just a talking bird, but he is so much more.

Here's some more fun quotes from him:

April: I guess they forgot all about me.
Crow: I think the captain said something like "Let the wench drown and justice be done".... But, uh, I could've been wrong.

Crow: Fine! I'll put my life on the line, tempt fate, and risk a certain and painful death by magical poisoning… if!
April: If what?
Crow: If you promise to pluck my fleas for the next… year.
April: One year? So honour and glory mean nothing to you?
Crow: Not as much as a good flea plucking, no.

And those are my favorite sidekicks.

My rejected applicants:
Argo from SotC (I haven't played this game so I can't empathize with it. I've been told it's good though.)
Companion Cube from Portal (It's just a Cube for gods sake, why did it nearly make the list?)
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