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Why I Can't Write a Blog About Why I Love Destructoid

When this meme started up, I didn't post anything because I thought it was just taking up space. I thought everyone was doing it just for the sake of doing it; just to participate in the meme.

But after reading most of the blogs, I feel the exact opposite. Everyone here genuinely loves this community, this site, and everyone involved with it. We aren't just a site on the internet where people post interesting things; we're a group of friends.

I've met numerous people on Destructoid whom I actually consider to be my friends; who I can go to for advice, or laugh with over Skype.

I can't write a "Why I Love Destructoid" blog quite the way everyone else has been because I can't quite put it into words, just how much I love this community.

I've only been here a little over two months; I don't have any funny pictures from meet-ups (though I hope to sometime soon), and yet my love for this site is already overwhelming.

I've never been on any other site that feels this way. I've been to a few forums before, and I've quickly left all of them out of boredom. There was nothing on any of those sites that I felt attached to, and I didn't feel emotion towards anyone on them.
Here, I could not possibly feel any stronger about the exact opposite.

So...Destructoid and, more importantly, everyone who I've met here: I love you.

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