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Why I love Destructoid

I'm fairly new here, peeking and poking around since late 2008. There are many reasons why I love Destructoid. Here's a few of them:

1.You guys love the games love the games I love. It's a bit more complex than it seems, but there is something inexplicable about the love of gaming on Dtoid. You can see everywhere on this site: The front page articles the, c-blogs, the boards. No matter what game it is, its will be appreciated by all kinds of gamers here. But this won't turn us blind to criticism, as reviews here have shown.

2.It feels like humans are behind the whole thing. The iconic robot may be made of metal and plastic, but behind it all beats the hearts of the many contributors to this site. This is something lacking on other game blogs/sites. On Destructoid, I always felt like part of a larger community, instead of a lone soldier defending my opinions, like in other places.

3.You guys introduced me to a great amount of cool games. Especially Indie games, and games i've never heard of. Without this place, I wouldn't have known about Persona, or Bioshock.

4. The humor I can always rely on. I don't go a day without laughing at a witty article or some random post from a fellow dtoider. This makes a stressful day end with such a high note for me.

5. Intelligent discussions. It's actually that simple. This is the most important to me, as I see videogames as an evolving form of expression and art. Amidst the fun and joy of being here, I am always learning and expanding my knowledge of the medium. I can't think of any other single site that gives a voice to its members to this degree, and delivers quality writing as well. Not to mention the podcasts available here, each explore some level of benevolence.

I love Destructoid, and its my home page at home and work. Also cocks.
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Yo, I'm a Latin-American NYC student of Graphic Design, who spends most of his free time playing videogames, drawing random stuff on paper/computer, watching Anime( I love Hayao Miyazaki's films, and my trip to the Ghibli Museum strengthened this)/Sci-Fi movies, reading Manga/Comics, reading books, Karaoke with friends, messing with electronics, surfing Teh interwebz, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember now. I've been mashing buttons and plucking analog stick since the age of four, with no signs of slowing. I mostly listen to Punk, Grunge, Metal, Hip Hop, and Rap. My favorite genre is... pretty much nothing sports related. My favorite games/series (esp. those with a heart) include, but may not be limited to:

Ace Combat<3
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Earthbound (Really want to try out Mother3)
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Here is a list of consoles I currently own:

and a weak pc, but can still play CoD4 on low settings

Here's a list of lost/broken consoles I've had:

Psp-lost on a trip from Japan
Ds-lost on the train
Ps2-broken dvd drive

I would love to get a Ps3, eventually a new Ds(i) and a 360, but am low on cash for all that now.

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