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VGdrum Update - Shadow of the Colossus & other news

With the beginning of my Junior year of college just around the corner and my parents embarking on a trip to Poland (taking the video camera with them), I had to rush to record my Final Fantasy I-III VGdrum videos as well as my first VGdrum request/birthday present to my good friend Jade, the Shadow of the Colossus drum cover. Unfortunately, because of this, both this video and the Final Fantasy medley have syncing issues, so I will be placing Final Fantasy on the backburner until I have access to the camera and my drums.

VGdrum Request I - Shadow of the Colossus A Despair-filled Farewell ~Battle With the Colossus~

Forgive the syncing issues in the beginning of this cover, I didn't even have to time to make an opening click-track to this song so I enlisted in the help of my friend JoeO to press Play on my iPod (thanks man!). I also felt that I could've added some variations to the fills I do and tighten up my drumming at certain points. I promise you all that I will revisit this amazing composition and make a better rendition of it alongside the Final Fantasy medley. So take it for what it is, and I wish Jade a very Happy (early) Birthday!!

After revisiting this request in the coming months and finishing my Final Fantasy medleys, I will officially be taking requests (I'll make a video announcing this).

The music of Shadow of the Colossus (Wander and the Colossus) was composed by Kō Ōtani and performed by several people. The Playstation 2 game was developed by Team ICO and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

I can't wait for The Last Guardian on Playstation 3!

VGdrum rundown:

VGdrum - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battle 1 Drums

VGdrum - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battle 2 Drums

VGdrum - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Battle 3: Dark King Drums

VGdrum - Breath of Fire Beginning of Battle

VGdrum - Breath of Fire Battling Drums

VGdrum - Breath of Fire II Cross Counter Drums

VGdrum - Final Fantasy 5 V Battle at the Big Bridge

VGdrum - Street Fighter II Guile's Theme A Violent Emotion

VGdrum - Drakkhen Character Creation

VGdrum - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV Turtles in Time Drum Medley

VGdrum - Earthbound (Mother 2) Pokey/Porky Means Business! REVISITED

VGDrum - Breath of Fire II Battle Medley

VGdrum - River City Ransom

VGdrum - Mega Man X Medley Part 1/2

VGdrum - Mega Man X Medley Part 2/2
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