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Policenauts: The Fan Translation, Coming out... Today


In a project that started all the way back in 2002, the fan translation of Hideo Kojima's classic adventure game, Policenauts is apparently going to be released at 12:00 PM today (despite what the poster may say).

The Policenauts Translation Project Team has been working on this for awhile, and like the Mother 3, Alpha Gaiden, and other translation groups, they deserve a look. I know one of the guys that worked on it from Gattai Subs. (Who are currently subbing Shin Mazinger Z-Hen)
This will be based off the PSX version (which means better graphics and loading I assume).

So here's to something that'll probably take up a lot of my time this coming week.
I'll update if something goes amiss.

>>Thread on Something Awful Forums
>Policenauts.net Thread
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