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EUFNF 21/08/09: Catface Edition


Today's post is dedicated to Catface. Why? Well catface has got a big cat's face. He's got the body of a cat and the face of a cat and he flies through the air cause he's got a catface. Catface. It's a perfectly good reason for dedicating today's post to him. Don't know who catface is? Look here, you silly catface. Anyways, as for tonight. Well over here at least it's the final weekend of the 1vs100 beta and all but Fusion don't care. So if you really want to play 1vs100 beta and possibly never get into the mob, then you should find GT:Fusion Elder5 playing that from 7:30pm GMT till 9:30pm GMT. As for other games.

Game: Colin McRe DiRT2 demo (Xbox 360)
Time: 9:30pm - 10:00pm GMT
Well there's multiplayer in the demo for up to 8 people so I thought it would be worth at least having one race in. Just download the demo and then send me a message at GT:JGibb08 if you want in. Or I'll just invite people into a party, we'll see.

Main Event
Game: Halo 3 (Xbox 360 duh)
Time: 10pm GMT onwards
Well COD4 has been a complete failure these past two Fridays (although there's loads of people playing on Saturdays) so I asked Halfie (Halfleft, you know, the annoying guy who's always correcting your grammar.) what we should play and he said Halo 3, so blame him. (Also, ask him who is internet stalker is, he'll love that). Same as with DiRT2, send me a message at GT:JGibbo08 or if not I'll just grief people with invites.

People are welcome to post any games they want to host in the comments. See you later!
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