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When 12 & 200 Just Isn't Enough

Microsoft had a file size limit at the begining of the 360s arcade, so 12 achievements, and 200 pts seemed like a reasonable thing...Especially when full titles gave us up to 50 achievements, and 1000 points. But since they raised the file limits and the games we can download are bigger, offer much more in terms of gameplay and variety the 12 achievements and 200 points cap seems a bit outdated.

With titles like Battlefield, Shadow Complex, the Puzzle Quest titles, and BC Rearmed, the need for more is evident. How can a game that offers the online depth of Battlefield have 12 achievements, 10 of which can be gotten within 10 matches? Shadow Complex and BC Rearmed offer up solid campaigns, as well as "proving grounds", that make me want to go back and play more only offer up a small slice of what the game has in store for me?

This is one area that I think PSN has XBLA by the short and curlies...With 20 something trophies for a game like "The Last Guy" (which is fucking sweet), and 30+ for Wipeout HD (even before to the Fury expansion...Which is also fucking sweet, and one of the best bargains on either service)...I get more sense of accomplishment when I have a little more incentive to go back and play a game that I may have beaten, but not fully "completed".

Sure, I'm addicted to achievements and trophies, but I think there's a good reason for that...I think anyone who plays on either console enjoys that little pop-up on the screen telling me I've done something that kicked ass, and I'm being rewarded...But most XBLA games that have a substantial single player game often have a "completed the game" achievement, so that leaves 11 to be as diverse (or bland) as possible. While 12 & 200 might work for PacMan, Dig Dug, and some of the more simple casual games, there is no way that 12 is enough for something as meaty as Puzzle Quest...

Since there is a big difference between how Sony and MS 'score' for the achievement/trophies, I don't think you could go all the way up to 50 & 1000....Sonys trophies count as 1 each, so if they have 20 overall, it's 20 points...So maybe MS could do something like 25 & 500 for games that are larger in scope (like a few of the games I mentioned before)...With games clocking in at around a Gig for Shadow Complex, 560 Megs for Battlefield, and 200+ Megs for BC, PQ Galaxies could automatically qualify for an achievement boost. Sure the original Puzzle Quest is a mere 80 Megs, but the games scope is so huge, you could easily spend 100 hours playing...So there would be exceptions, just like there are for anything worthwhile.

It seems like only a natural progression at this point for MS to make this kind of move. It keeps the devs who put out quality Digital Releases hands tied, and I for one would love to see a little more creativity in there. It just seems like a shame that games like Castlevania SotN, both Banjo & Kazooies, and The Dishwasher have the same number of points and achievements as Missle Command, and Boom Boom Rocket...
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