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Japantown recap!!

Hey al!

First of all, thanks to all who came out to the meetup! As mentioned before, DtoidSF went down to Japantown to check out the brand new center focused on Japan pop culture, New People. Approximately 12 of us showed up to walk around, and take in what Japanese pop had to offer. After checking out the insanely priced gadgets and accessories at New People, Dyson led us to a beacon of awesome nearby.....a Burger King across from a Goodwill. :D

After checking out the mall in Japantown, we decided to take one more stop at New People before dinner.....this time, out of nowhere, the whole second floor was taken up by tons of girls in gothic Lolita dresses, marking the highlight of the evening :P. Seeing this kinda freaked us out, as you can see from Husky's expression here:

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