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10 Reasons to Hate Necros

TIme to jump on the band wagon.

10) He is a hippie. Enough said.

9) He is a lightweight. He gets drunk real fast, which may be a plus for us since we can then screw with him and light him on a fire. But as a man he should at least be able to be a better drinker.

8) He hasnt played Bioshock, Dead Space, Fallout 3, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on and on.

7) His Hair. If you could call it that, its more like a hairy metroid latched on to his head since birth.

6) He says he a community man, but really have any of you seen him post recently? Nope. nothing but Failcast and each month hes lazier about the completed games list.

5) He knows more about Pokemon than any grown man should.

4) He is a racist. Hates the Blacks, the Latinos, hates em all really.

3) Hes got more consoles than you can shake a stick at. Hes gt the GBA Micro... seriously Necros... wtf man?

2) His MASSIVE backlog. Yes I said it. He has a HUGE backlog... of games that he has yet to play. I mean most of us have a backlog of games we would like to play, but cant due to one thing or another. But this man has bought Super Special Extra Limited Editions of games and has not touched them. No wonder his games conspired to RRoD his XBOX a while ago.

1) Its Necros. Really there is no better reason to hate him than him being who he is.
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