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Top 10 reasons why the Rock Band portable drum kit rawks ass.


10. It's portable: do you realise what this means? YOU CAN DRUM. ON THE GO. Well, as long as you also have some sort of portable 360 and television.

9. It works better than the GH drums: God, what a horrible peripheral the GH drums are. Whoever created those needs to have them surgically attatched to him/herself, so that they must always live with that shame.

8. If the portable drum kit was a useable item in Yakuza 3, you could probably use them to kill someone. Probably.

7. The footpedal: it's adjustable, big, and won't snap in half when your Uncle Morty (and his gigantic feet) try and use it.

6. The red drum head: Seriously, that fucking kicks ass.

5. Fat Princess does more for feminism...wait, shit, that's a different list.

4. When configured properly, the portable drum kit looks like an intergalactic super squid.

3. The hidden classic controller: all 4 drum heads and the foot pedal get connected to a center console, that looks a bit like a SNES controller. Amazingly, you can actually use this console LIKE AN SNES CONTROLLER. Seriously, the dpad is pretty good, and I love playing Mega Man 9 with it.

2. It's basically a custom drumset kit creator, as the drum heads can be arranged any way you want them. That means you can have a head by your balls, 2 across the room, and one behind your head, replicationg the drum set up Neil Pert uses.

1. Yojimbo: because I like following trends.

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