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I suck at games: How I started sucking a little less


While the other games I've talked about were meant to make me a better gamer, Tetris is a game I'm already good at. I wouldn't say I'm a master at the game, but I am better than most people I know. It's probably the game I'm best at.

So why is it here? Well, it's easy to get discouraged about becoming better at games. When this happens, playing Tetris is a way to show myself that there are games that I can become good at. It might sound a bit pathetic, but it helps. If, for whatever reason, you are using this as a guide to get better at games, this can be replaced by any game you're really good at. Games are about having fun, and for me, not many games are more fun than Tetris.

Even if you aren't good at the game, Tetris makes a decent fit to this list. It's easy to learn, but is still hard once you hit enough lines, where you must think and act quickly.

At the most basic level, these games fit three categories. Guitar Hero is easy to learn, IWBTG is really hard, and Tetris is a game I'm already good at. Because of this, the games teach a wide range of skills needed to become good at games, including patience, concentration, goal-setting, quick-thinking, accuracy, and the ability to have fun. Getting good at them won't suddenly make you the best player ever, but after having played them, I feel ready to play more games, practice, get better, and most importantly, have fun.

By the way, I'm new here. I figured it would be better to start out with some actual content than make a post about how I can't think of anything to say.

(All images "borrowed" from Wikipedia, except the top one, which was found in a Google image search for "Rocky Balboa training.")
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