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Persona 3 Run Part 9: Delayed Dating Diary

This session will consist of two sessions, as the initial one was only about two hours and hardly enough to merit a full-fledged post. As of now we have logged just over 39 hours and are midway through September.

When we last left off, we were just about to hit the next full moon and another huge shadow battle. This full moon brought us to an abandoned military complex that went underground. We were then locked in by the opposing group of Persona users called Strega who are trying to prevent us from completing our mission of defeating all of the shadows and bringing an end to the Dark Hour.

Meanwhile, Junpei got himself kidnapped by that Chidori chick who has revealed her true intentions of getting Junpei to stop the mission. Of course, Junpei has no real say in these operations and he ended up lying about being the leader. SEES defeated the Shadow, which came in the form of a detachable tank and the other half of the tank would revive its counterpart if it fell in battle, thus, we had to defeat both parts at the same time or when they were whole again. We then made our way to Junpei and seized Chidori. She tried to summon her Persona, but we seized her before she could get her gun out. We then discovered that she has no real control over her Persona and she passed out, to awaken in the hospital. Here, Mitsuru and Akihiko kept her under heavy surveillance and interrogation, with interventions from Junpei.

As time passed, we increased our social link with Maya, the MMO player and learned that the servers for Innocent Sin Online are being shut down soon. It�s like The Matrix Online. Our tenure with the game also brought up the fact that Maya is totally into Steve at school, and doesn�t realize that she�s been chatting with Steve this whole time. We�re at Social Rank 9 with her, so it�s about to go down hard with her soon.

In other news, a typhoon has hit the area and cancelled the eagerly anticipated Cultural Festival. Many students were disappointed that they wouldn�t get to see Yukari in a maid costume. This also led to an exchange of banter between Kenji and Steve in the form of stand-up comedy.

Things are getting more intimate with Yukari, who is Social Rank 6 with us. During one date, she left her wallet at the train station and ran back to get it. It didn�t seem like she would be coming back soon, so we went after her only to find a gangbang about to ensue. We saved Yukari, but she was anything but appreciative for our heroism and got pissed at us. We fixed that by praying at the shrine, so everything is back to normal.

We are a little over a week from the next full moon. So stay tuned for the next installment, where we hope to power our way to the end!
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