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Capcom's Comic-Con Zombie T-Shirt availabe via Pre-Order

Remember that awesome Resident Evil shirt Capcom showed off just before Comic-Con?

See gallery below for more pictures!

Well, it turns out it will be available to more than just convention atendees! Like with Metroid Prime Trilogy, GameStop is handing out a free game-related t-shirt with the pre-order of an anticipated title, this time Wii's Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles!

According to GameStop's website:

"Reserve Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles and receive this insane Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles Zombie Face T-Shirt. This T-shirt is the perfect way to camouflage yourself during the coming zombie apocalypse, and can also be used by the ladies to really freak people out during Mardi Gras. Available online and in-store while supplies last."

Currently, Amazon.com does not match this pre-order incentive like they sometimes do.

For those of you, like me, who have an ECA membership (which was complimentary with a PAX ticket!) and wish to take advantage of the 10%-off every Amazon game purchase, there's still hope! GameStop makes no mention of the shirt being an "exclusive" bonus, which is something they love to brag about when that is the case, as seen with Metroid Prime Trilogy's shirt. Hopefully this makes its way to other distributors!

Personally, I was already dead-set on buying this game, but the chance of getting that awesome shirt may sway me to go the way of GameStop depending on shirt availability. I can think of a certain bearded samurai that will likely also be all over this deal.

Note: There's no mention of available sizes... I hope it's not just XL+ only like some other t-shirt swag.
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