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The DTNY August 21 and 22 meetup-The return of Karaoke Night

Dtoid NY once did a Karaoke session on the Saturday evening of the New York Comic Con with over 30 attendees. It was a great success for everyone involved. So, we have decided to bring it back for the Miggles and for anyone else that was unable to make the last one.

On Friday, we will be going to Pulse Karaoke. at 9:00 PM. We are planning to meet up with everyone at 8:00 PM at Penn Station.

On Saturday, we will be doing are usual random shenanigans. The suggested meetup time is around 2:00 PM at Penn Station.

If you need someone to contact for more additional info, please PM power-glove, post on our Facebook group as listed on our Sidebar, or comment below with any questions.

If you are coming to the Karaoke event, please tell us as soon as possible because we need to make reservations for a room and we need to know how many are coming.
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