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Persona 3 Portable revealed in Famitsu


Yeah, I don't know what to think either. This supposed scan from a Famitsu magazine shows off Persona 3: Portable in all of its one page glory. Instead of the hero we've grown used to, we're greeted by a female counter-part. An updated female Orpheus can be seen floating in the background as well.

Since this hasn't been confirmed by Atlus proper, I apologize in advance if this is a fake. Since the magazine itself is based in Japan, even if this were real it wouldn't be a confirmed U.S. release. Though, given Persona's recent success in America, not releasing this here would be a bad move on Atlus' part.

You can check out the image here.

Would you buy Persona again if it meant the portability that comes with your PSP?

[Update: I added two additional scans that have begun to swim around the interwebs]
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