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Just to prove I haven't died, here is Tartarus Theater P4 edition, translated.

Coming up on three weeks since I last updated, so here you go. No spoilers, but many in-jokes:

Trivia Alert:
Ami Koshimizu also played Kallen in Code Geass and Holo in Spice and Wolf
Yui Horie also played Naru in Love Hina and Siesta in Familiar of Zero
Rise's VA, Rie Kugimiya, also played Louise in Familiar of Zero. Cross-media!

Part one:

Part two:

And then take a rain check:

So there. I've been working on something big, so nice pictures are needed, which is why it's taking so long.

Also, yes Megastryke, it's Tuesday (in some places), and this is a Persona post.
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