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Aright. So, this is my introductory post. I'd like to thank anyone who reads this for giving me their attention;
thank you.
So I just wrote this Top Ten Games list for the forums and I figured it would be the perfect thing to start off a
blog. Well, not the perfect thing, but something like that.

So, I don't have anything else to say, so let's get this train-wreck a rollin'!

10. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Some of my best in-game memories come from playing SSBM with friends. I was young and they were some
of my first real competitive moments in gameplay. Funnily enough, my very first competitive moments were
from the original SSB, which I played at a friend's house. It was his Nintendo 64 that inspired me to buy a
Nintendo Gamecube, which effectively got me into gaming for good. But that's a another story for another time.

9. Katamari Damacy

A creative, weird concept that wouldn't have usually worked in execution. But it did. And what we got was a
quirky, addictive title that showed just how much fun you can have rolling a ball. Colorful graphics, a catchy
soundtrack and a sense of satisfaction and scale turned it into one of my favorite games to just chill out and

8. Persona 3 FES

I'll be honest. I haven't beaten it. But it's still on my top 10 list because of how much I love it right now. I've
never played a Shin Megami Tensai game before but I want to now. I want to play Nocture and Digital Devil
Saga and Persona 4 and Persona 1. And I will. The soundtrack, the battle system, the characters, the art-
style, the cutscenes (oh man, the cutscenes). It's all so wonderful. Unfortunately I can't put it very high on my
list because I have plenty of games that I actually finished that I can put higher up.

7. Metal Gear Solid 2

Sure, it wasn't revolutionary and it didn't have enough of Solid Snake. But honestly, it didn't have to. This was
the story of a man who was being molded into what players had spent the first game playing as. The
gameplay, the voice acting was convincing and well-acted, the choreography was also well-done. But the
main reason why MGS 2 is one of my favorite games of all time is because it takes so many risks for the plot,
to the point of insanity and I love it. I love a game that tries to be one big mindfuck, which is what the ending of
MGS 2 was. One big, unruly, mindblowing wrecking ball slammed into the fourth wall. It's almost scary, and
actually makes good use of the codec. When I think of a mind-blowing finale in video games, MGS 2 comes to

6. Metal Gear Solid 4

Beautiful setpieces and locales, a fully-realized plot that leaves little more to be desired, amazing cutscenes,
fast-paced stealth and gunplay... MGS 4 is just a great example of how to end a series and it showcases one
of my favorite stories in a video game, ever. There are plenty of gameplay bits that really feel cinematic, even
though it's a lot of actual cinema for the most part. Take into account that I really only played the entire series
over the course of two months and how much emotion I felt in the final installment. I really don't care if anyone
says that Hideo Kojima's writing is ridiculous and stupid. Yes, it is ridiculous. Sure, it probably seems stupid to
a lot of people and I could totally see why. But I like it, dammit! And my word is law! [U]Hell, I am the law![/U]

5. Psychonauts

A hilarious game that appealed to my darker sense of humor. Before it was released, I had only heard tales of
Tim Schafer's brilliance but I had never experienced it. The gameplay itself was decent although a bit of a
collect-a-thon but the writing... the writing was superb. The concept to the actual execution of jumping into
insane people's minds was brilliant but plot was what got me. The subtle progression from happy-go-lucky
summer camp to dank and lonely asylum happened so gradually that I was amazed by the contrast of
"EVERYBODY DANCE" to "I used to be a famous actress but then I went insane and now I'm giving
autographs to plants." This is how you use surrealism. Honestly, I doubt Brutal Legend will even come close to
touching the narrative greatness of Psychonauts.

4. Half-Life 2
Valve are the masters of scripted gameplay. They truly are. Half Life 2 is a rollercoaster; it's the same every
time you ride it, but it's always exciting and never stops throwing something new at you. Sure, there are lulls
every now and then, but they're only going to send you into a false sense of security and then throw you into
something even faster. Well-placed background music and clever AI only help to make every big shoot-out
brilliantly badass-feeling. Yeah, the characters are great to have but what I love about Half-Life is it's scripted
moments, which is pretty much what it's all about.

3. Pokemon Crystal Version

Funny story, Pokemon Crystal is actually the first video game I ever bought. I have a next-door neighbor who I
used to be best friends with, and I would always look up to him because he was older than me. So one day
(circa 2001) he was showing off a Gameboy Color he had just gotten, gold with a Ho-Oh on it. So I decide I
should get a Gameboy too. My dad takes me to Toys R Us one day shortly after that and I ask for a Gameboy
Color. Turns out they have none of that. The new thing is a Gameboy Advance. I had never heard of that but I
decided it must be worth it if it's the new thing. I remember exactly what the store looked like that day, with
ads for the GBA Advance covering the walls. So I buy one with Pokemon Crystal Version. The next thing I
remember is my neighbor calling me a "copy-cat." And that's why I'm sitting here typing this impossibly long
essay/list. Because I decided to be a "copy-cat" and buy a Gameboy. Also, Pokemon Crystal. Big part of my
life. That's why it's #3.

2. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

My favorite platformer of all time. I had the luxury of having it on my Gameboy Advance when I was younger
and I took it with me all the time. The art is frikkin' fantastic and really sets it apart from other 16-bit platformers.
It really didn't have that much revolutionary going for it, as far as I can tell. It just does everything really well. I
guess if you polish everything to a beautiful sheen, a game can be way better than any revolutionary one.

1. Okami

Okami. I'll be honest, I don't really know if that's my best answer but that's the best I could think of. Very few
games really catch my eye the very moment I see them, even in screenshots. This is one of them. The art-style
is gorgeous. That's the best word I could think of. Because it really is. It looks like a living painting and I've yet
to see another game that could so easily pull off the cell-shaded technique and look that amazing. And then
there's the plot, which is a bit on the predictable side but pulls the predictable stuff off so well that you have to
let it slide. Hell, just when you think you've put a lid on the Big Bad, it turns out you're only halfway done.
Ammy (I can't remember the proper spelling) feels holy, with her perfectly white fur contrasting against the
dark colors of the colossal bosses. Hell, I could lavish much more praise on this game but I won't because it's
late and I'm tired of typing this and I'm sounding a bit delirious.
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