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Fallout 3 Fail Of The Year Edition.

Hello and welcome!

The day came. Yesterday I went to one of the MediaMarkt shops in order to buy myself another PS3 game. This one was suppose to be special, because it's my 20th game for PS3. And guess what, it is special. Like hell.

I simply couldn't decide between very good Battlefield: Bad Company, new Red Faction: Guerilla and a bit old, but still awesome Fallout 3 (CE). After a long debate with two of my friends who were with me, I have decided to buy Fallout, which comes with oh-my-god-how-cool metal box, which reminds me of the one, in which I've been carrying sandwiches to primary school. Nevertheless, I was happy as 7-year-old girl who has just received a pony as her birthday gift.

The first symptom of trouble with Fallout 3 was little sticker on the box saying "PL Version!". You must know, that in Poland there is a guy called Jaros�aw Boberek, and - omfg - this guy has appeared in 99% games translated to my beautiful language - starting with a role of minor guard in Gothic II (PC), through Visari in Killzone 2, all the way to being Polish Version of Burnout Paradise's' DJ Atomica. The same guy plays a cop in Polish soap opera called "Rodzina zast�pcza" (don't bother, you won't be able to say this as it should be said) and believe me - he literally sucks in all of these roles mentioned above. Happily however, I didn't find his surname in credits, which made me smile. Just for a very, very short time.

I've launched the game and started to create my character. After giving him a name I started to choose face, blablabla, usual stuff, when suddenly one of my friends went on line. And whole game freezed. "WTF" was exactly what I was thinking at the very moment it happened. Then, friend of mine decided to go off line, or he had a problem with his internet connection. Guess what, the game freezed again.

I thought like "Okay, screw this, I'll simply log out of the PSN, but first I check if there are any trophies in next 15mins of gameplay". There were, shitload of them, I'm afraid I have to say. Thing is, none of them were available for me, which - connected with freezes of game - was getting too annoying to ignore. I decided to ask Uncle Google what is his opinion about all this, and he answered me instantly - there is a patch. Now this was damn strange - the game haven't downloaded the patch when I launched it. WTF? Well, there is one problem with patch - it was released for ENGLISH version only, after this, each and every local distributor of the game was suppose to release his version.

Yup, you guessed it. Polish distributor, widely known as Cenega (read with "c") has fucked up. Nearly 8 months have passed since the release of original patch by Bethesda, but people responsible for creating PL version simply didn't bother! Jesus Christ on a bike, why can't I play game I paid for? You'll say that I am a trophy hunter or something and the whole fuzz is about trophies - not really. I like to talk with my friends while I'm playing, and to do that, I need to be signed in. While having 35+ friends on PSN it's impossible to avoid any online-offline movement and receiving messages, so how the hell am I suppose to play while my game freezes all the bloody time? I'll tell you: there is no way. That's why I'm going to return this damn Fallout 3 to the shop and preorder myself Batman Arkham Asylum CE with totally-badass Batarang. And someday I'll get myself a proper, English version of Fallout 3, the one which can be patched.

This is only one example of "fine" polish adaptation - there are others. Like, for instance, Prince of Persia PL is incompatible with Epilogue available in the PlayStation Store. All polish PoP discs are BLES 00390, while Epilogue is compatible with BLES 00389 discs. Another fine example of how translations should not be done is Killzone 2. In ENG version Rico says "OK people, keep your shit tight" while departing from ISA cruiser. In PL version he says something like "OK people, keep your sphincters together". Seriously, WTF!? Hopefully, Sony Computer Entertainment Poland (Yes, we have our own division, something's happening!) was kind enough to give us a choice which language we want to use. Fallout 3 and Prince of Persia are PL only. Shit happens.

Thank you for reading,
Take Care!
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