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Angering Nerds on Halo 3: The Name


Yes, if you've been on Halo 3, you may have played me. I have numerous personas, my favorite being the "Kid with Allergies who needs his mom to buy him sudafed, but who apologizes for having a 56k connection."

I love to make jerks on Halo 3 angry. Not just anyone. I appreciate the folks who communicate, who have compassion in their hearts, who enjoy teamwork and positivity. They make up about .0001% of the Xbox Live Population.

No, I love to enrage the idiots. The bros. The guys with southern accents who enjoy talking about "niggers" and love to call you "faggot" and "garbage." Am I generalizing them all? Play two matches online and tell me you didn't hear at least two of the three words.

On a side note: "Garbage" is frequently being replaced with "trash" now - the differences are apparently anything but semantic when you've got little buddies to impress.

Today I'm going to talk about how I get them started. I don't have to say anything at all. In fact, most times I don't. They see my name and they get angry. Some of them have even explicitly stated, "What does Liberal mean?" But their tone is angry. They don't know why they are angry.

Am I Angry and Liberal? I am neither. I'm a happy guy, and I'm definitely more toward "independent" and "moderate" than anything else. Political parties feel like red team and blue team to me. I could be wrong. But I know I'm not wrong that my name gets the dumbest guys going.

The name began in irony, not relevant to me, but to my disdain for the uptowners who were screaming about injustices they would never suffer in the safety of their coffee shops. Also, "Angry Liberals killed xxLEETPWNSxx" was a nice vision to entertain. I knew the name would touch a nerve, but I never knew it would touch so many.

About once a month somebody "gets" the name and laughs. Again, this falls into that .0001%. One guy told his team not to mess with me because I would get the ACLU on their case. So there are exceptions.

Sometimes I like to milk the name. "Healthcare reform!" I will shout into the mic. "Cash for clunkers!" And here the results are varied. I get laughter - perhaps mocking my apparently opposing point of view, perhaps coming to the realization that yes, the name is ironic on XBox Live, land of juvenile males. Most of the time I receive a higher concentration of belligerent utterances - "fag" and "homo" are common. And when there are groups of them, well, you can guess the unintelligence gets multiplied. But so does their anger and my enjoyment.

In any case, for being a troublemaker, I'm quite pleased to have chosen such an effective name. Next time I'll get into online personas, or the psyche of the Halo jerks, broken down by niche - the laser kid, the pawn, and more.
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