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DrunkBlog! I are drunk. p.s. I love you. (hahah gerard butler lol)

Hey all!!!

I think this is the first time I have posted an official drunkblog, are you excited for me? are ya?
I realise after the last sentence that I am trying too hard to correct drunken typos... so I shall stop that right now to add extra 'effect' to my drunkblog and not break that whole 'stream of consciousness' thing I may or may not have going on. ......more like stream of semi-consiousness... hahaha

Kane says hi! He's a cop you see so I can;t show you his face on television. He came over for some brews andf games and brought a shitload of his fine homebrew beeer. Oh fuck he just picked up a sword!

...yes I have a sword in my room, what of it? PS: I love penis*

*Kane wrote that, what a silly scamp! Laaaawl!

fuck, alright I'll show you my sword, no double entendre at all (how the fuck do you spell entendre? I hope it's entendre).


As I write this the gents (DanMazkin and Kane) are playing Battletoads in Battlemaniacs on the SNES, looks kinda dodgey on a HDTV but who cares! Is a fucking SNES!!! Kane wants to say that the green toad gives a mean pimp backhand.

Wait... I was writing this blog for a reason apart from telling you that I'm drunk right?

Oh yeah! I fucking love you guys! I have a beer next to me and I drink a toast to you! The Dtoid community, the editors and contributors, and just Dtoid itself for being a whole lot more than just some dumb games blaarg, but for being a community and for quite a few of us, a way of life!

Am I talking drunken shit right now? probably yes..... ah fuck it!

I'm drinkin this beer for you all! CHEERS!

Oooh pizza's here! Oh fuck DanMazkin ordered family size pizzas, these guys don't fuck around.

I love you all, and will hopefully see a lot of you awesome folks next year as DanMazkin and I and my lovely missus Jus travel to NY and LA for some insane shenanegans around June/July!

Save a bar stool for us! ....don't order Fosters. You'll thank us late.

Oooh we're watching DeadLeaves now! Fuck I love that show!

- Much love, PuppyLicks XOXO
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