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Zombutler & Lemon Discuss #2: This Week In The Internet


(Welcome to Zombutler & Lemon Discuss, a whenever-the-fuck-we-find-something-interesting-to-talk-about-ly article where everyone's favorite Dtoid community members (and Zombutler and Lemon) discuss the news, funny things they find on the internet, and their love for music. In this weekend article, Zombutler and Lemon talk about things that happened in the internet this week, including an ass-catching viral ad, black kids in Apple Stores, and the Twitter MS-DOS attack.)

Lemon: Welcome to this week's episode of... shit, I forgot what it was called.
Zombutler: Arrested Development.
Lemon: Right. Arrested Development. I'm Ron Howard...
Zombutler: ...and I'm Queen Latifah...
Lemon: and this week, we planned to talk about what happened in the world. Unfortunately, no one gives a shit about that stuff, so instead, we're talking about things that happened on the internet.
Zombutler: yayyyyyyyyyyy internet
Lemon: God, I love the internet. I spend about 30 hours a day on the internet, and the other 7 hours, I'm wishing I were on the internet. But we're not here to talk about me. (Not this week, anyway)
Zombutler: Guess what
Lemon: Chicken butt.
Zombutler: This week in the internet, Samit Sarkar used the word fiddlesticks in an update on the "twitter"
Lemon: That crazy Summit Soccer doesn't know anything about the English language.

Yesterday, I saw a video of a guy catching a netbook with his butt.

It made me laugh, but it was clearly fake for a number of reasons. First of all, everyone in the video was wearing a blue spandex unitard. Two months ago, I made the point of purchasing every single blue unitard, leopard print underwear, and 30 tons of lotion on a credit card American Express gave me in the mail. Either these guys stole one from me, or Amazon was holding back their stock, which is just dickulous. (It's only ridickulous if they do it again.)

Secondly, the netbook in his anus was an MSI wind, which is also bullshit, because no one bought one of those. Especially not five of them. I think I would've heard about that on Gizmondo.com.
Zombutler: I think it's real, because I want it to be. I wanted Stephen Colbert to become president, and it happened, along with a bunch of other things.
Zombutler: Like pubic lice.
Lemon: Or Hannah Monta- wait, no, you're not getting me this time. Pubic lice for me, too.
Zombutler: How can we determine if this is for reals or for not reals?
Lemon: I'll ask Jeeves.
Zombutler: k

Lemon: Jeeves said it was 2 legit 2 quit. That guy really can catch a laptop in his butt. Skillz.
Zombutler: FUCK. Well, since I knew we were going to be discussing this, I took a trip down to the apple store to purchase a computertop to insert in MY anus, but instead I forgot I was poverty. Then my mom and dad made this video,

Lemon: You have to what?
Lemon: I'm afraid to click on that link, because I've never heard of "youtube.com". It sounds like something that would give me herpes if I open it. (Or at least like the thing that gave me herpes when I opened it, I think her name was Ron Work-something.) I know what video you're talking about, though. It was on Kotaku earlier.

That little black kid has got some spunk. I do have a problem with his shirt though. It says yellow is the new black, and that totally fucks with my understanding of the color wheel. Like, where am I gonna put the yellow on the color wheel, then? Does it go in place of the black? Is his shirt an insight into the current racist attitude plaguing Asian Americans, where they are being treated poorly in the same mindset of the African Americans of our parents yesteryears?

Or is it a subtle penis joke i don't get?
Zombutler: uh
Zombutler: so I heard that twitter was destroyed by Oprah last week, tell me more about that, Regis.
Lemon: Yeah, I heard it was something about a DDOS attack. What the fuck? I didn't know people still used DOS. Or that it could be used to take down the internet.
Zombutler: Oprah is the new internet. You heard it here first.
Lemon: Oprah gave me free chicken at KFC once. But only once. So fuck you, Borpo.
Zombutler: I heard that Twitter wasn't the only thing to be attacked this week. Is Dane Cook still alive? Because he is hilarious.
Lemon: Dane Cook is a comedy wizard. Like Adam Sandler. Or Benito Mussolini. If someone were to attack him, it'd be Vanaked Anne Hudgens. You see what he said about her during the Twilight Choice Awards?
Zombutler: Yeah, something about vampires, right?
Zombutler: Wait no, I think that was Jay Leno. Continue.
Lemon: He said something about her keeping her clothes on. Get it? If you don't, it's funny because that's the opposite of what she needs to do. It's called reverse biology!
Zombutler: ygoloib?
Lemon: Exactly!

Zombutler: Awesome. Hey lemon?
Lemon: What's up, my African counterpart?
Zombutler: She is watching you masturbate.
Lemon: Well, I'd hate to upset her by doing something else. I guess that's it for another episode of Arrested Development Discuss. I'm electro lemon...
Zombutler: and I'm me.
Lemon: Audios!
Zombutler: Aloha.
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