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Dont be scared of the word CASUAL

In this wonderful industry there are alot of words or phrases that are thrown around to define certain gamers or certain games, such words as N00B, Graphics Whore and the most commonly used Hardcore. This is a word that i personally hate because it is used so much and now anyone who has played Call of duty or Halo online for 20 minutes begins to call themselves a "Hardcore Gamer". So what is hardcore? how to you define which gamer is hardcore and which gamer is not?, how long do you have to play before you are hardcore? how many games do you have to play to be hardcore?. This has lead to people who play anything without a gun in the game to be called casual gamer and they are looked down on because they supposedly dont have the skill or balls to play a "hardcore" game like COD or GTA.

There are alot of gamers around these days that are very scared at the thought of Sony and Microsoft following the footsteps of Nintendo in trying to capture this wider audience by making games more family friendly and forgetting all about the "hardcore". First things first i want to say anyone who thinks that games like Halo, Killzone or GTA may be put to the side to make a Microsoft workout plan or a Sony fairground games obviously knows nothing at all about the gaming industry and how that these games make that wonderful thing that people love called money. BUT a growth in casual games is not a bad thing at all, its actually good in my opinion.

The reason i say this is because when i think back to my childhood when i was playing "casual" games like mario and sonic i enjoyed these games for one reason and one reason only and that was simply that they are great games. We are still in a very early place in this industry and games like these ( the good ones i mean ) are so critical to this industry, dont get me wrong i love Gears of war as much as the next guy but imagine the next generation of gamers grow up on games like these and look at marcus pheonix or kratos as we looked at mario, link and sonic when we were younger.

Imagine if whenever you have a kid you show them the Terminator before you show them the Lion King or Toy Story, now although i am 19 years of age i can still appreciate the fact that Toy Story was and still is a great film no matter how family friendly it is. So if you show a kid the Terminator and there amazed at watching violence for the first time they wont see whats actually good about the film they will just be blinded by the gunfire and car chases. This is the same with games, i believe the reason alot of people who play COD or Killzone before playing games like mario are the same people that only buy Guitar Hero, GTA and FIFA ( or Madden for my american friends ). These people miss all the basic but great gameplay that this industry was built on in the first place, so why are people so scared of the word casual as if in 10 years you wont be able to go online an blow someones head off. In my opinion if you love games and love the industry you will be behind companies making ( GOOD ) casual games, these kind of games are what will bring more people into gaming, these kind of games will show people why we love games so much and most importantly these kind of games will show those idiots out there who want to ban damn near all games that games are not all about killing something.
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