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Dissidia (demo) impressions

I'm gonna do something a little different here, and give you my impressions on a game that's from Square Enix. Consider it one of the few exceptions to my "do not cover big brand name games" rule (technically, it's a "do not review blockbuster games" rule). Said game is Dissidia, and I'm gonna give you a few good reasons to take a look at this game.

Ex burst moves are elaborate and satisfying.

The game has some great songs from previous Final Fantasy games, and the choice for their voice actors seem spot on. Of course, since this is a demo, only some of the game's songs are able to be heard. The dub can't really be judged yet, as you will only hear battle grunts and taunts.

In other good news, the game is being rebalanced and will have new moves and cutscenes (for the American release source).

In summation, this is a great demo. It gives plenty of content for a measly 78(ish) megabytes. It's definitely worth a look.
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