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Skies of Arcadia: Again

I doubt anyone remembers my first blog post (which I hardly encourage you to go back and take a look at it if your at all interested in Skies of Arcadia and want to know a little bit about it.)

Original Bloggagl

But I, once again, was playing Skies of Arcadia at a friends house. Oddly enough for me it's more fun to play jrpgs with someone else, you can give them orders while laying back and chilling out, like a jrpg butler, and if they're terrible you can always fire the noob ;p But I'm sidetracking, so I was playing again, for like the 14th or so time and in this one play session I noticed 2 things I never have before.

Usually I don't "learn something new" everytime or whatever that adage is, but oddly enough I did. We usually take it one part at a time, this time we back in the grand fortress again. The first (actually second, but I'm doing this in reverse order) was the fight with the Dralkor Tank. I was using Daccat's Blade which one of those damned gerbil-bunnies thoughtfully had wedged in his skull for me, and it's special is that it (rarely) put sleep on the target, and I didn't think it applied to enemies that are normally immune to such attacks but I sure was wrong...
One hit and that TANK fell asleep. Unfortunately the photo doesn't want to transfer from my phone so reenacted it in mspaint.


Now the second new thing, something far more disturbing and the real reason why I made this blog is what I noticed fighting Admiral Vigoro, I don't know if anyone else has ever noticed "it", but in my numerous playthroughs (and my friends, though not as numerous) neither one of us had ever noticed "it". Before I get to "it" if you don't remeber/and or more likely you don't know Vigoro is a pervert and self-proclaimed ladies man, and you walk in on him presumably about to do terrible things to Aika. Now to the "it."

I can't believe that's there, we couldn't believe it, after he fell we went and looked from like every different angle and sure enough :| He has a "protrusion" sticking out of his crotch. That is awesome, sad, and disturbing all rolled together.


And since I'm making a blog on dtoid, something I haven't done for a bit, I fell like showing off my newest piece of Skies of Arcadia greatness (just a note, I only threw the money at it, the flag is from a custom flag making company and the graphic was done by a friend and backups provided by a contest I ran on tomopop.)

My new pride and joy, where I can look at every day and warm my heart.

*sniff* it's so bueatiful! *sniff* It's the logo of the Albatross (also the sort of unofficial logo of Skies of Arcadia) and air pirates the (not apparently flat) world over! Stretched and in crimson over black (since I like it better that way) instead of white over light blue.
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