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Late Night Lulz™: The Lost Episode


This past week has been rather eventful for me, as with the help of Destructoid community member Zombutler, I have rediscovered a past love of Nicktoons in the best possible way. Apparently, Verizon FiOS (and some other television providers) have an entire channel dedicated to Nickelodeon cartoons that runs 24 hours a day. My heart ran aflutter upon realizing that shows such as "My Life As A Teenage Robot", "CatDog", and "Hey Arnold!" (stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop!) were airing on channel 254 all the time.

Around 10PM last night, a show still running with new episodes came on and made my eyes open wide, right before my mouth and gut bursted in laughter. Spongebob Squarepants, a show that recently celebrated it's tenth anniversary, is still going strong with the absurd humor and absolutely genius television moments that captured my heart back in 199, when I was 7. I've realized that many of Spongebob's jokes and episodes serve as a sort of smooth introduction/transition into the goofiest crevasses of the internet (I'm looking at you, /b/) but none as much as one particular episode of Spongebob. Namely, season 3, episode 16. Of course, a few of you might remember this episode as "The Lost Episode."

I'd like to think of it as the original Rick Roll by Nickelodeon, presented as the "Lost Episode" of Spongebob by Nickelodeon itself, but as you'll soon see, it's much more (or less, depending on your view) than that. Spongebob has always been a show for children, with humor still suited for adults, but I didn't truly get the humor of the following clip until I saw it again yesterday night. I can safely say that it's the greatest single 1:14 in Spongebob history, especially given the backstory, and entire episode. I've also hosted the entire episode to watch, but I think you should watch the clip I'm talking about first, because it's just as funny out of context as it is in it's full context. So without further ado, I present Spongebob's funniest moment- "the lost episode".

And here's the full episode, just for context.
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