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Activision - Mugs Gamers


Looks like rip-off Britain strikes again, with the help of Activison.

CoD6 (Modern Warfare 2) is to be 54.99 on the 360 and expect near the same for the PC version.

No reason given other than 'It will be popular' and a real kick in the nuts the boss man at Activision,CEO Bobby Kotick, said 'If it were up to me I would raise prices even further'.

Cheers Bobby.

CoD4 was one of the most pirated games on the internet, it still lists high on torrent sites

Don't these people realise they that are ostracising there user bases with this un-founded price hike. We show we love a game by buying it and making them lots of money, a few months later CoD5 is released on the same engine as we all know it was basically a re-skin of CoD4 and with CoD6 being another tweaked re-skin at best.

Something is seriously wrong with the gaming and music industries . We live in a world where the victims families of Air France Flight 447 are 'compensated' 17500 euro's for the lives of their loved ones, the admin's of Pirate Bay are fined/told to pay damages of 2,684,000 fro providing a results that google can also produce euro's and a company that made FIFTEEN MILLIONS DOLLARS last year decides to mug its own fan base when releasing a sure-fire hit by upping the price for no good reason.

Some people will still buy it, and they know it.

It will win awards.

Well here is my prediction of a award they wont want.

Modern Warfare 2 - 'Most Pirated Game of 2009' winner.

(sorry if this didnt make much sense earlier, I mean to save not publish :) )
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