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I suck at games: Space Quest III

When most people think back to Space Quest III they remember a grand space adventure, filled with hilarious sci-fi and pop culture references. I, on the other hand remember a game about walking around a rubbish dump and getting shot in the head by the same f***ing robot over and over again.

All in all, it was too much for my poor pre-adolescent brain to handle. I loved the humor, the Sci fi references, and the style, but after five years of wandering around a junk freighter, cursing in frustration, I finally gave up, and it has haunted me ever since. Now, 20 years later, armed with my trusty DOSBOX and the power of the internet I plan on facing my inner demons and finally finish Space Quest 3!

Stay tuned for my report from beyond the void, and wish me luck... if I make it out alive.
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