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The Destructoid Community Pok�mon Adventure: Forest of Mystery

Journal Entry #2, September 31st, 1998
This morning when I awoke I immediately set out to conquer the Viridian forest. I had entered its vast expanses once before, but only briefly. Within I would fight my first Pokemon battles against other trainers, learn to treat the venomous sting of a wild Weedle, and witness my first evolution.

When we first entered the Viridian Forest, though the sunlight peaked through the trees bathing the forest in innocence, I couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. Ahead on the path I could see other Pokemon trainers, itching for fights. I could hear the rustle of wild Pokemon all around me. It wasn't the forest itself I was afraid of, it was what lay within. Still, I knew well enough to press on. Pewter City and my first gym badge awaited me on the other side of this forest.

Not too far in, a young boy challenged me to a Pokemon batle. With my Poke honor on the line, I accepted. He was limited by his Bug-type Pokemon. How could these people not see the strategic flaws in limiting yourself to one type of Pokemon? It would only take me catching an opposing type to crush them. With the help of my freshly caught Mid3vol and Mikey, the first trainer was easily bested.

The same could be said for the remaining Pokemon trainers in the Viridian Forest. I was initially worried that I wouldn't have the stamina to fight this many trainers in a row while still working my way through the wilds of the forest, but Mikey and Mid3vol soon absolved my doubts. As Mikey had shown me in our initial passing between Pallet and Viridian City, the duo of the two of them were now an unstoppable fighting force. It may be a bit early to say something so bold, but I believe I have what it takes to defeat the Elite Four and rain supreme as the Pokemon champion.

The forest itself mystified me. It's inherent beauty was present in the ancient trees that towered all around me. The wind blew between the trees, moving between branches and around tree trunks, finally arriving to blow the grasses and flowers around me, stirring up the wild Pokemon that moved around my feet. The entirety of the forest was a sight to behold, and it was only ruined by the shouting and hollering of the young bug catchers. Should I ever accomplish my goals, I'll surely return here to live out the rest of my days.

As we worked our way towards the exit, I began to think about the future. Becoming the Pokemon champion was one thing, but would I have the resolve to capture every species of Pokemon that populated the province of Kanto? What of the criminal underground, the organization known as Team Rocket? I'd heard stories down the grapevine of their thugs kidnapping Pokemon and forcing them to do manual labor or fight for their cause. I decided it best not too worry about the future, not yet. The present was too important.

After yet another battle with one of the over eager bug catchers, something peculiar happened. Mid3vol began to glow, and shake, and before I knew it, she shrank away into the nearby bushes. When she emerged, she was a Weedle no more. The Pokedex told me she had become a Kakuna, the first of two possible evolutions. She had gained the ability to increase her defense against just about any attack. I smiled at her and returned her to her Pokeball. It seemed my luck was going to see me through this alongside my skill.

One trainer stood before me, Mid3vol, Mikey, and the exit. I adjusted my cap, and instead of letting him shout out the ceremonious challenge, I instead challenged him. He had a single powerful Weedle, and with the help of Mikey and the recently evolved Mid3vol, he was easily bested. I accepted his money and I encouraged him not to give up. Any competition was good competition, and I don't want to beat the entire young force of Viridian City into woeful meekness.

I set off towards the entrance with a smile on my face. Pewter City lay ahead, and with it, the first of many Gym Leaders. I looked forward to challenging Brock to a duel of fate, and even more, I looked forward to defeating him. The sun was setting on my back and the future had never looked brighter.

With the Viridian Forest behind him, Krow continues on his journey into the heart of Pewter City. The first of eight Gym Leaders, Brock, awaits him. Can he best the might of Brock's Rock-type Pokemon? Tune in next time for; Episode 3: The Rock-Solid Pok�mon Trainer!
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