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Achievement Unlocked: The Road to 10,000 Gamerscore

I�m a fairly new 360 owner. Rather than reiterate everything I�ve said in this previous post, I�ll cut it short to that I�ve owned a 360 since late October, and the idea of achievements intrigued me and somewhat forced me to give each game I play my all. Some people are nuts about achievements and that�s why you see folks with well over 100,000 Gamerscore. I would probably do the same thing and scalp games for easy achievements to improve my nerd cred. I felt that 10,000 was a good milestone to blog about and I�ll share the games that represent this achievement.

SEGA Superstars Tennis

These games I�ve played for well over an hour and have not gotten shit from them. FUCK THESE GAMES. In reality, I only spent 15 minutes on Eternal Sonata and realized I should finish the other epic RPG�s before jumping into another, but still FUCK THESE GAMES!

Anyway, these represent the trials and tribulations I�ve endured to 10,000 Gamerscore. Here�s to 10,000 more in the future.
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